Practice Areas


Contract law

Assistance and support in the negotiation, drafting and amendment of contracts, in areas such as technology transfer (licence, services, franchise, distribution, agency), new technologies, internet, outsourcing, webhosting, cloud, and mobile entertainment, as well as lease, employment, construction and mandate contracts


Intellectual property

Registration and protection of intellectual property rights (trademark, copyright, design, patent, software, domain name, internet, etc.)


Information technology (IT)

Advice and support in IT projects, protection


Protection against unfair competition


Data protection

Advice and education, protection


Company law, associations and foundations

Setting up of articles of association, regulations and related agreements



Advice and support in the incorporation and organisation, preparation of related agreements, contact point with other advisors


Litigation before the ordinary courts


Alternative methods of dispute resolution

Negotiation, conciliation, mediation and arbitration, whether as conciliator, mediator, arbitrator or counsel


Due diligence

In the above areas, but particularly in intellectual property, information technology and data protection